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Witness how, despite numerous near-death experiences leading to twenty-six fractured bones and unconsciousness on five separate occasions, one man lived to tell his compelling story. Smile, laugh, and cry as you discover what it’s like to live on a farm. Immerse in a collection of true stories about domestic and wild animals. Join Scott D. Gottschalk as he relives his most life-changing experiences and most treasured moments in the engrossing pages of Nine Lives to Eternity and The Folk and Their Fauna!

People love to be scared out of their wits, though most would deny it vehemently. Ghost stories, horror flicks, and even celebrating Halloween every year are a few of the more obvious manifestations of this visceral need to be shaken and perturbed. Scott D. Gottschalk contributes his creative talents to the cause of enabling humanity to experience more nightmares by releasing a book, Terrifying Tales Unleashed.